Shadow Banned

a show by Michael Bussell, at Plague Space, Krasnodar

‘Shadow Banned’, a show by Michael Bussell,
at Plague Space, Krasnodar

Exhibition title: В теневом бане / Shadow Banned
Dates: 29.10 — 30.12.22
Artist: Michael Bussell
Venue: Plague Space, Krasnodar, Russia
Photo: Angelina Venmer
inst: @michaelbussell @plague_space

Shadow Banned, 2022

A hollow, plastic figure. Less than a ghost. It took the form of whatever it was cast upon. This shadow would watch from outside itself. Its eyes, in truth, saw nothing. Unfocused, they looked for how to make what they rested on turn into something else. A game. Something more trivial. Nowhere, all alone.

Control will tell the same lies, convincingly, forever. Nostalgia’s obsessed promise insists it can hurt the horrific confidence of fate’s unfolding.

The shadow smiles when its light frowns.

Plague Space presents eighteen select key issues and an unreleased figurine from the ongoing, unnamed (2020-) series by Baltimore, USA based artist Michael Bussell. After one month of being on view nine issues will be replaced with the next month’s and remain on view to the exhibition’s end. Bussell’s work explores the perspective of the fan artist, the artist for hire, the collector, the speculator, worth and contradictions.