Dirty Laundry’ (Part by PLAGUE) Group Show at KEIV, Athens, Greece

Exhibition title: Dirty Laundry (Part by PLAGUE)
Dates: 2022
Artists: Arthur Golyakov, Vanya Venmer, Javier Trivino Murillo,
Christian Roncea, Ekaterina Serikova, Christophe De Rohan Chabo, Leyli Aslanova,
Nikolay Georgiev
Curator: Torre Alain, Gözde Filinta and Marian Luft (I-O-N2)
Venue: KEIV, Athens, Greece
Photo: Marian Luft


In the anticipated scenario where the earth ends in agony, all systems collapse, and abandoned constructions host hybrid beings, imitation of life prevails because all human emotions are carried successfully by matters of rituals, magic, and heartbroken believers. DIRTY LAUNDRY talks about the exhaustion of the human monarch, filling the earth with its industrial, capitalistic greed and neglect. In a rightful existential desire, recalling mythology and ancient knowledge, to find reconciliation with the present, the artists fasten to the spirits of mother earth, rejecting all the lifeless, numbed, material distractions the majesty is offering. DIRTY LAUNDRY delivers painful wounds and attends to haunted stories of the past; with a faithful devotion to life and its endless creations, it realizes all ends in affection, love.

Curated exhibitions from ten different artist run spaces turn into a transient narrative, becoming a moment of wishful confrontation. DIRTY LAUNDRY has three steps; the first exhibition in the local regions of the off-spaces (1), later be translated into an online show (2), and finally displayed at Keiv, Athens (3). The first sub-show takes place in the location of each off-space, where the artists sense familiarity in physical form. Careful of territorial understandings, DIRTY LAUNDRY engaged firstly with artists’ existing realities in their own locality before bringing them to a foreign land and arrangement. Initial local shows became a resource, and DIRTY LAUNDRY wanted to test how things evolved from translating the art shows into a digital medium and then back to a physical one, questioning the material and immaterial