Truth update

Truth update, a group show curated by Plague,
at Edicola Radetzky, Milan.

There can be no more wars that are conducted on the enemy’s grounds, since no one can be fully identified as such anymore. Unoccupied spaces may exist everywhere and nowhere at once. Only an endless area engulfed in smoke lies in front of our eyes and goes beyond the horizon. Its obscurity has already forced us to confront the need to conduct partisan raids towards the objects. It seems that whether we like it or not, we are slowly entering into a new, overturned Enlightenment. In this inverted Enlightenment the success of every experiment will be measured by how well it can disguise its own traces and burn our palate.

— Natalya Serkova

31.03.19 — 7.04.19
Pasha Bezor, Vitaly Bezpalov, Arthur Golyakov, Stas Tocka, Vanya Venmer
text by Natalya Serkova

installation view

installation view

installation view

Vanya Venmer, 35×45, the face takes up 70-80%, 2019

Vanya Venmer, 35×45, the face takes up 70-80%, 2019 (detail)

Arthur Golyakov, Rosenrot, 2019

Arthur Golyakov, Rosenrot, 2019 (detail)

installation view

Stas Tocka What Should Not Be Unearthed, 2019

Vitaly Bezpalov, The Blood of the Poor (Always CC Round A) I, 2019

Pasha Bezor, Untitled, 2019

Pasha Bezor, Untitled, 2019 (detail)

installation view (detail)

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