Smiling, Despised

Smiling, Despised
by Plague & Underground Flower, Krasnodar, Russia & Perth, Australia

Artists: Leyli Aslanova, Vitaly Bezpalov, Johanna Blank, Faina Brodsky, Victor Gogly, Arthur Golyakov, Loic Lehecho, Miles Hendricks, Leif Pan, Stas Lobachevskiy, Nastya Vasileva, Vanya Venmer, Vi4a

In the morning the bell rings
It says that a difficult day lies ahead.
Through the bars in the window like kisses
There is light on my shoulders
Angels in memory above my head
Now, instead of them, a convoy.
Flower gardens and candles,
Old memories.
Wide and yellow evening light,
My eyes’ blue violent flame
From the burning forests flying
Sweet smell of evergreens
That I lived in lavishness and sorrow
Was I glad of the sun? Forgive –
And you…my tender one
Don’t do harm to anyone.
Low is the empty heaven
On my journey down,
And between two wooden beams
There stands a giant star.

— Arthur Golyakov & Tore, 2019

28.8.19 – 28.11.19

Photo by: Angelina Venmer & Tore

Krasnodar, Russia:

Perth, Australia:

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