Alexandra Koumantaki, Yannis Voulgaris



A land where no eye had ever looked,
even completely pixelated on maps, unveiled.

The new law passed and applauded.

A colony of dab hands, conquered the silent land.

Infinite valleys of mythical creatures replaced by hex codes.

Perianths, pistils and stamens, all turned into stone to avoid the massacre.

All life forms conformed…

The hands were wandering…but being hands, they carved.

Now the land is known as 4685/the phantom land.

In the networks built by Mallarme and Duchamp, the blank spaces of white page and transparent glass are themselves integral parts of a total system just as important as the words or paint inscribed on them. ”A Tale of the Future Damned” by Hyperlink Athens is the merging point of a plethora of contradicting areas and points. The space of the white page is covered by words and printed images of solid marble monuments. The back side of the page is blank, it reveals the absence and at the same time is facing the presence of content. Each page of this construct is placed on the surface of a body of water and filmed until the force of buoyancy subsides. The page sinks and eventually dissolves in the water, it becomes matter and part of the whole system once again. The process is documented with video. Nothing remains of the action after the end.