Episode 6: “Morning” by Plague & Dharma Initiatives at Novorossiysk, Russia, 2020.

Ten warriors decided to cast lots;

Left in the trap, who will die first.

No way to stay alive;

But no one wanted the sin of suicide.

The lot fell to old general who was so kind;

Stab him in the neck, and then there were nine.

«Be quick! Who’s next?» asked the mate;

The lot decided everything, and then there were eight.

The eighth endlessly prayed to heaven;

But his body fell to the ground, and then there were seven.

To die together, the twins tried fix;

Stabbed only one, and then there were six.

The sixth said, it was the best sword he has ever seen in his life;

He got a sword stuck in his stomach, and then there were five.

The fifth lived very well, but wanted even more;

In agony he died for a long time, and then there were four.

All four were destined for the same grief;

The lot fell to the King, and then there were three.

The lot fell to a woman, she has the same fate too;

Cut her throat with a knife, and then there were two.

The young warrior did not dare take a chance;

And together with everyone he was in the same place.

It’s the same trap and it’s time to cast lots. But it’s too late;

The old general had the same fate.

Text by Plague
Photography by Angelina Venmer
Artists: Pasha Bezor, Arthur Golyakov, Stanislav Lobachevskiy, Vanya Venmer, Martin Menso, Salves Van Der Gronde, Iosif Abaab, Bo Deurloo, Isabel Cavenecia, Nikolas Magkriotis
ѕσวιɕ ɕσηԃυɕтσя & ѕσυηԃ by in.finit
Soundtrack by facial agnosia
Editing by Christian Roncea & Marc Solomon
Web Design by Kexin Hao & Szymon Hernik
Graphic Design by Matas Buckus
Video Title by Felipe Filgueiras

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Pasha Bezor, ‘Visitor’, paraffin, ash, 2020

Arthur Golyakov, ‘Drop’, carabiner, rope, dimensions vary, 2020

Vanya Venmer, ‘X-BIM’, metal alloy, glue, 2020

Exhibition view

Stanislav Lobachevskiy, ‘New kind of champion’, ink, 2020

Exhibition view

Exhibition view

Bo Deurloo X Dharma X Plague

Nikolas Magkriotis X Dharma X Plague

Iosif Abaab

Iosif Abaab

Salves Van Der Gronde

Salves Van Der Gronde

Martin Menso

Martin Menso

Isabel Cavenecia

Isabel Cavenecia



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